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We urge you to commune with nature, explore the great outdoors and appreciate the planet better through Great Escapes! Are you ready to escape with us with one of our exclusive tours? 

Welcome to our Great Escapes

Great Escapes is an adventure and travel outfitter that provides top quality and enhanced travel experiences. 

Great Escapes tours are by the community and for the community. They are specially crafted with CORE Tubong Lokal partner communities. CORE Tubong Lokal is Primer's CSR program that provides tools for local communities to develop and market sustainable tourism as a meaningful source of livelihood. 

What We Fight For

To create a community of rare enthusiasts, promote a lifestyle of adventure and go beyond just travel, we put premium on these three things:


Equally important to our promise of authentic getaways is to support efforts in conserving the environment and other wildlife – making your travel transformative and purposeful.

Tour Safety

Whether you’re on the road, up in the air or relaxing inside your hotel ­like tent, Great Escapes makes sure that you are safe and secure, always.

Tubong Lokal

Great Escapes puts premium to its tour guiding services by training locals into able tour guides, so that your experience is as first­hand as it is beneficial to the community.

Our Guides